Lawn Mower Troubleshoot: Starter Cord Won’t Pull

Lawn Mower Starter Cord

Lawn Mower Maintenance: Starter Cord Won’t Pull

Every petrol lawn mower owner will experience this issue at some point: The starter cord won’t pull or is very hard to pull.

This problem is usually caused by the engagement of the engine flywheel brake. Check to see if the flywheel brake is pressing against the handle before pulling the rope again. When the flywheel brake is not the issue and the problem persists, check the lawnmower blade.

A rope that is stuck or hard to pull may be caused by the blade dragging on the ground or by clippings getting stuck to the blade. To address this issue, place the mower on a hard surface. Make sure the engine is shut off and the spark plug wire is not engaged. Carefully clean the bottom side of the blade to remove any clippings or dirt, put the mower back into position and try pulling the cord again.

If the problem persists, one or more lawn mower parts may not be functioning correctly and will need to be repaired.

Consult the owner’s manual or search online for repair guides for the specific model and brand of mower.

We hope this pro tip resolves your problem, but if you’re still having issues book a repair with our expert team, or give us a call.

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