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Grass Trimmers and Brush Cutters

Effortlessly tackle tough grass and stubborn weeds. Work safely and fast, with easy-to-carry harnesses and vibration control. Whether it’s a professional standard brush cutter petrol model, an ultra-lightweight cordless or electric electric brush cutter, we have something for everyone.

Explore our range of Cordless, Electric, and Petrol Lawn Trimmers & Brush Cutters.

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If your garden is starting to look a little wild and the time has come to get the grass trim and tidy, take a look at our fantastic range of grass trimmers. These are definitely your best bet when it comes to tackling an unruly lawn where the grass has grown too long to go straight in with a lawnmower.

Grass cutters

We have a variety of grass cutters to help you keep your lawn looking neat and tidy. Choose from a range of functionalities and designs like a handy cordless strimmer– extremely convenient for freely getting around your garden as they’re battery-powered, there's no need to worry about power cables and plug sockets. But if you have a large garden and want to get the job done in one go for a corded design that doesn't need charging. And if you’re after a budget friendly option then a Cobra Trimmer will do the trick. Whatever you need from your grass trimmer, there's something here for all requirements and every budget too.

Lawn mowers

We have a wide variety of lawn mowers to help you find the best lawn mowers for your needs; Choose from battery-powered cordless lawn mowers for ultimate convenience, you'll have no concerns about plugs and power cables – but they're best suited to smaller gardens. Petrol lawnmowers are a powerful option that give you freedom to move without the restriction of cords; they longer running times which makes them ideal for larger lawn spaces and they're ideal for gardens with steeper slopes too. But if you prefer connecting to a power source then an electric lawn mower is the way to go. Or how about a hover mower? Gliding on a cushion of air, you'll even be able to move these from side to side not just back and forth. And if your grass has gotten too long to go straight in with a lawnmower, tackle it with one of our strimmers first.

Lawn care tools

We have a great range of lawn care tools to help you look after your garden; whether you need to prune some of your plants, or trim back pesky brambles? You're in the right place for secateurs – and we have you covered for hedge shears as well. But if you're after something that'll help you keep your garden hedges in check with minimum effort and maximum efficiency; you might want to invest in one of our hedge trimmers instead. Consider an extendable design to reach the tops of higher hedges – that way, you won't need to bring out the ladder from the garden shed.

Looking after your lawn 

Keep your lawn nice and healthy by watering it during the dry season to keep your lawn nice and green. Clear up any dead grass, moss or debris with our handy scarifiers, a great way to keep your lawn looking its best.

And for gardening tasks which require a little more oomph – be it cutting back thicker tree branches or even cutting firewood – one of our chainsaws is a worthy addition to your collection of garden power tools. We have plenty of quality models to choose from – but if you're a casual user, electric designs feature lower chain speeds and only run when you're actively cutting, making them the safest choice.

Decided that your garden decking could do with sprucing up? For a deep clean to leave it looking good as new, you can't do better than a pressure washer – and they're ideal for cleaning patios and cars too.