Loncin Engine

Over the last decade, we have gained extensive experience with the Loncin engine range. Loncin engine’s quality and reliability are comparable to any other leading brand small engine manufacturer.

ProToolZ is an approved dealer of tried and trusted Loncin engines.

Loncin Engine

With various Loncin petrol and diesel engine models to choose from, we stock everything from 79cc up to 999cc. Whatever your need, we are sure to have a suitable machine for you. The Loncin Engine range offers both vertical shaft engines. (The configuration often found on lawnmowers) and horizontal shaft engines like you would fit onto a compactor plate.

Loncin petrol engines are ideal for “Repower” applications. If you have a failed Honda or other leading brand engine a Loncin engine will make an ideal cost-effective high-quality replacement.

Loncin engines are competitively priced when compared with rival products on the market and offer big brand quality without the price tag.

In many cases a Loncin LC152F will replace a Honda GXH50 or GX100, The Loncin H135 should be a direct replacement for a Honda GX120. The Loncin G200 can be used as an alternative for both Honda GX160 and Honda GX200. The Loncin G270 and G390 are good alternatives for the Honda GX270 and GX390 respectively. Most of the engines are available with a metric shaft, imperial shaft and generator taper, with a number of engine models available with additional features such as an electric start or a reduction gearbox. You can see the overview of the Loncin engines we offer on the chart below.

Model Description
LC152F-15 79cc 1.3kw,1.7hp L shaft, 16mm shaft, O/A,
LC152F-M5 79cc,1.3kw,1.7hp 15mm shaft , O/AL, recoil repower
H135-P 133cc,  2.6kw,  3.5hp,  R shaft,  3/4” shaft,  O/A,  recoil start,  repower
H135-M 133cc,2.6kw,3.5hp,A type shaft, 18mm shaft, O/A recoil repower
G200F-P5 196cc,4.1kw,5.5hp,R type shaft,  3/4″  , O/AL, recoil repower
G200F-B5 196cc, 4.1kw, 5.5hp, 2:1 reduction g/box, 20mm shaft,  recoil repower, U shaft
G200F-G5 196cc 4.1kw 5.5hp Generator taper shaft recoil start 
G200F-M5 196cc, 4.1kw 5.5hp 20mm Shaft O/A recoil Start
G270F-P5 270ccc,5.2kw,8hp,C shaft, 1”shaft, O/A, Recoil repower 
G270F-EP5 270ccc,5.2kw,8hp,C shaft, 1”shaft, O/A, e/start, repower
G270F-B5 270cc 5.2kw 8hp  Stage V 8hp 2:1 G/box Recoil Eng recoil 
G390F-EP5 389ccc,8.2kw,11hp,I shaft,1”shaft, O/A, e/start, repower
G390F-P5 389cc,8.2kw,11hp,I shaft,  1”shaft O/A, recoil repower

389cc, 8.2kw, 11hp, L shaft, taper shaft,  O/AL, recoil start, repower,

fixed speed control for generator application

G420F-P5 420cc, 9kw, 12hp, I shaft, 1” shaft, O/A, recoil start, repower
G420F-EP5 420cc,9kw,12hp,I shaft,  1” shaft, changing coil, O/A, e/start repower
G420F-EG5 420cc,9kw,12hp,I shaft,  Generator taper shaft, changing coil, O/A, e/start
Vertical Shaft Loncin Petrol Engines
LC1P70F-3 196CC 4kw 5.3hp 25mm EPA/ Stage V vertical shaft
LC1P92F-15 452cc,9.5kw,14hp,A  shaft,  1″ vertical shaft, recoil
LC2P80F5 764cc, 14.4kw, A shaft, 1″ parallel shaft, V-twin+muffler +key
Twin Cylinder Horizontal Shaft Petrol Engines

764cc,19kw, A Shaft, 1” shaft, e/start, VTWIN+MUFFLER  &  KEY,

revise to 100W, 8.3A new charging system


999cc,22kw,29.5hp,B Type taper shaft(thread M10*1.25),

fixed speed control for generator application

LC2V90FD-15 999cc,22kw,29.5hp,36.5mm ,C Type Parallel Shaft, variable speed control
Single Cylinder Horizontal Shaft Diesel Engines
D350FD5 349cc, 4.9kw, A shaft,  e- star, O/AL, Diesel,with pre-heating, charging function,
D440FD5 441cc,6.8kw,Loncin diesel engine 441cc, E/start
D460FDG5 462cc,7.5kw,Loncin diesel engine , E/start Taper shaft

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Loncin Engine G270 5
Loncin Engine G270 5

Loncin engine Manufaturing

For nearly 30 years Loncin has been a quality-focused manufacturer of high-standard industrial and power products.

Loncin’s innovative engine production processes produce high-quality reliable petrol engines for many markets and applications.

Along with Loncin’s long-standing work with BMW motorcycles, Loncin’s petrol Engines are used as original fitment under their own label or branded for the manufacturer.

Loncin Engine bmw
Loncin Engine bmw

Loncin engines have been manufactured to meet the latest EURO V emission regulations with constant development.

Loncin Engine spare parts and warranty.

The Loncin engines we offer are fully supported by the UK Loncin dealer network with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. We are able to supply a huge range of Loncin engine spare parts from UK warehouses. You can find the most common Loncin engine spare parts on the same page as the respective engine, if you need slower-moving items please contact us info@protoolz.co.uk

To help out customers we have and will continue to add self-help videos on the Loncin engine to our youtube channel,