Repair | Another Lawn Tractor on its Way Home

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Back in time for the Bank Holiday Weekend.

Mrs B reported that she had hit something while mowing her lawn and her mower was making a knocking noise.

Chris inspected the Countax C500H, and found that it needed a new belt and new bearing for the RH idler pulley.
Both the new belt and bearing were fitted and Chris refitted the deck and cover. He than ran the mower up checking the deck operation and listening out to see if the knocking noise was still there. Repair was successful as the mower was working as it should with the reported knocking noise now gone.
Phil delivered it back to the customer this afternoon, in fully working order ready for them to cut there lawn in time for the May Bank Holiday Weekend.
If you would like to book your mower or any other machinery in for a service or repair,  please give us a call on 01837 500 262.