Mountfield SP41 Lawn Mower

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A self-propelled lawn mower at a fantastic price.

Mountfield’s SP41 is a 39 cm cut self-propelled mower ideal for small to medium gardens.

An excellent finish at your fingertips

The 39 cm / 15 inch cutting width makes this mower well-suited to gardens up to 20m x 20m. In addition, you are able to choose your preferred cutting height from five options, between 25 and 70 mm, adjustable using three levers.

Easy to operate

As a self-propelled machine, you don’t need to strain yourself pushing it around the garden, with the wheels driving it for you. This makes it particularly useful in sloped areas, reducing operating fatigue considerably. The 40 litre grass catcher is easily removed and re-attached to empty the clippings, while the ergonomic handle and operator presence control cut-out ensures you can work in comfort and safety.

Powerful & durable

The Mountfield 100cc OHV RS100 Blue engine in this model means it is more than capable of keeping your lawn looking its best. Thanks to a lightweight build construction it is easy to move and manoeuvre, while the polypropylene chassis is sufficiently tough and corrosion-free to give you the confidence that your machine is going to stay the course.

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