Information on Repairs

Our repair services start @ £25 (plus VAT and any spares or consumables). For this fee we can often complete a simple repair or service.
To offer the best value for money for you, we do not offer fixed price servicing and approach each job on a case by case basis.

Our collections/delivery is charged at a single £15 (plus VAT) per job, or you can always drop your machines in to us in Hatherleigh!

To guarantee our work especially now with the E10 fuel we always use Aspen fuel on repair and service jobs. Please read here for further information on Aspen Fuel.

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Speed of service

Every job cannot be first, but we will always work with you to get the quickest and most cost effective outcome for you that is practicable. We aim to have jobs evaluated and get back to you with cost and time scale estimate within 24-48hrs. In many cases we would have fixed your machine in this time.

Are you a business? Ask us about a 90day account.


Example jobs:

Example 1

A small push petrol lawnmower in working order, the customer requires a service to ensure reliability and improve the life expectancy of his machine.

We will clean the air intake system and replace the air filter, the spark plug and oil will be changed, the fuel system will be cleaned and aspen fuel added. The engine speed, carburettor settings and valve rocker clearances adjusted as required. The starter mechanism will be checked. The handle and height of cut mechanisms will be checked and lubricated. We will check the blade for balance and sharpness and sharpen if required.

With the spares and consumables the total for this job will be approximately £37+VAT (£44.40)

Example 2

A customer brings in his ride on lawn mower reporting it will not start (not turning over)

We check the machine over and find the safety switch needs cleaning and adjusting. No spares are required.

Total for this Job £25+VAT  (£30)


If we find any faults that fall out of the original agreed work we will contact you before proceeding further with a cost estimated.

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Other fees.

Cleaning charges:

Ride on machines £15 (plus VAT)

Pedestrian machines £10 (Plus VAT)

We don’t expect your machine to be spotless but we need to see through the mud and grass to do our work! Cleaning charges only apply when machines are very dirty.

Storage charges:

After the completion of a workshop job, we would expect the invoice to be paid and the machine collected/returned within 7days. Failure to do this will result in storage charges. (Per week)

Handheld machinery £5

Push mowers or similar sized machines £12.50

Ride on mowers £25

Storage charge prices plus VAT.


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